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Rev. JP Vanir (AKA the Dark Druid Goth) founded Vampyrian Temple

United Vampyre Universal (eclectic) Pagan in mid Dec. 2003 which is

a real Vampire Universal Pagan Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality,

Divinity, unity, support, and strength. The whole purpose is to unite

and educate the Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities,

beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. Our belief

is eclectic but different than most since we don't worship anything

above us and believe most religions are based in truth; not complete

lies just what people understand. However it takes away your personal

power which you can develop on your own esp if you are Vampyre kin.

Humans are able to sometimes develop there own divinity through

mind exercises that other kin already posses naturally. My spiritual

is based in my Vampyrism and that I am a very Spiritual soul. We are a

Vampyrian Temple with our OWN personal beliefs and ideals but each

individual is encouraged to find there own way and awaken to there own

individual path... 



Our Popular Group is here:

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The Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in this book in our


the TempleUVUP Books ect:



Founder Rev. JP Dark Druid Goth

Giselle DeCavalier

~ Vampyres, Pagans,

            and Goths against animal abuse

         (on FaceBook)






















*** Rules:

1. NO harassing members on this network.

2. NO SPAM or UNRELATED (Vampires, paganism, LHP,

Occult ect) posts will be tolerated...

3. NO destructive behavior. (Means: flame wars, harmful,

or disrespectful/thoughtless behavior.) NO POLITICS,

for pretty much the same reason.

4. NO illegal activity can be tolerated, as we don't need

destructive activity in our Community.

5. NO post that might tear down our Vampyre Community,

as we are all Family (in our souls).

6. In the interests of legality, I had to make this site 17 yrs

and older. There are many Awakening online groups for

younger vamps. However if you are under 18 you are not

allowed to attend our offline physical gatherings, offline

rituals, join the inner temple, or Council until you are a legal

Adult (18)...

7. Please keep on topic in chats. NO vampire fiction/RPG

play or getting sexually explicit and NO PORN/Sexual art or

content (ART is fine but no adult content - We need to be

respectful of

all members.)

ALL problems are brought up to council and punishment for

breaking these rules is voted on in as we are a very

DEMOCRATIC Network and Temple... 

Thank you in advance for respecting these rules... 

© Rev. JP Dark Druid Goth (DDG)

My Links and other Vampyre Links: 


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