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We are a community of Vampyres, Pagans, and Goths ect. against Animal Abuse. ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS TO EAT, WEAR, EXPERIMENT ON, USE FOR ENTERTAINMENT, OR ABUSE IN ANY OTHER WAY. We also invite those of the other Dark Cultures to aid us in stopping Animal Abuse of all types and the destruction of the animal kingdom and the natural world for capitalism and other selfish reasons.


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OtherKin and Vampires who are Against Animal Abuse: 


I believe unlike most people that animals have a soul or spirit as we all do so they deserve the same respect we get. It has been brought to my attention that most people are under the assumption that certain community's such as Goths, Other-kin and especially Vampyres do not care about anything and are only abusive individuals especially with all the bad press we get. They also believe all Vampyre kill animals for there blood since getting a donor can be quite hard and so I started this cause to show we are not these things the media shows us out to be and there is a special passion is my heart for animals as I love them dearly. My own Cat is my baby and is just like a member of the family and both my wife and I care for every animal we come in contact with...

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