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I am JP Vanir AKA theuvup - the Vampy Gothic,

Rivethead, Vegetarian, "Vampyrian Graver", Experimental Sound Artist AKA theUVUP with Asperger's. I am a Vampyrian UU treehugging theologiaian, researcher, and vampirologist (DDG) Aussie Goth trans Dark Druid Vamp as well as a Ghetto Geeky, Rivethead, Traditional, Hippie Goth, Vegetarian, "Vampyrian Graver", Pansexual Experimental Sound Artist AKA theUVUP. I am the Old school Gothic Vamp & Proud PhreaK, & the founder of V-TempleUVUP: V-TempleUVUP since Dec.18th 2003. I have been in the Gothic community since the first Outland (96 or so), the pagan community since 2002, as well as the Vampire community since mid 2000.


Since 2011 I have been working my own brand of sounds and other arts: Vampyrian616 (website) and my other various types of art ~ Get all my sounds on Reverb Nation as well as on the Vampyrian616 (website). Also there are our sounds on Bandcamp, Youtube, and Our FaceBook Artist Profile; I also do various other types of art you can find HERE, as well as various types of research including alternative theologies and am a Universalist Pagan alternative Reverend. Around 2012 I Founded the Vampire Pagan, and Goth Alliance based in Ohio to unite all communities and not just devote myself to one: VTUVUPs VPG-Alliance as well as the V-TempleUVUP and Vampyrian616 above.... 

I am mostly just listening to music, dancing my life away, various types of art esp with sounds/media, writing, V-TempleUVUP, The VTUVUPs VPG alliance, donating, various charitiesVamps - Pagans - & Goths against animal abuse, alternative counseling for alternative people, and helping others that have gone through the same crap as me. If you need to get a hold of me, contact me at: or home @ 740-990-6260 - I love topics about possession, the supernatural, Vampyres, Otherkin, Dark Spirituality, and Darkness ect. I am also an Empath & Proud Phreak in Central, Ohio. I LOVE MUSIC, clubbing, and dancing... 

My favorite stuff and profile is HERE

Morbid Obscurity, Peace, Love, Death, and Respect... 






My Main Sites: (click on the purple links below)

***V-TempleUVUP network for Spiritual Vamps, Pagans, and Goths ect)

***V-TempleUVUP Chat Site

***Vamp Pagan and Goth Alliance Network

***Alternative Counseling for Alternative People

***My Art

***My personal writings

***My other writings

***MY JP Vanir YouTubes ~ Vampyrian616 Videos

***My FaceBook

***V-TUVUP & other non-mainstream Charities

***Vampyrian616 Sound Art

***Atlternative Counseling for Different Alternative people 

***Vampyres, Pagans, and Goths ect. Against Animal Abuse

***Regional Vamp Goth Nights or Clubs/Bars

***Ohio Vampire Goth Nights or Clubs/Bars

***My Vampyrian616 Sound Art: 

                                                                                                                                                   I am just getting back                                                         to making sounds after                                                       3 years since I lost my                                                       miniKorg (which was my                                                       baby), software, and my                                                     DAW (which I know                                                              have a cheaper version                                                        at least) ect. I have                                                            learned musicians really


need there fans extra support! Most of all if you art not the mainstream BS with a fancy label helping you out and even w/ that they take a large portion of what they do get so please help a starving artist...                                                                                                                    



***Vampyrian616 Sound Art website

***Vampyrian616 on Reverbnation to get and hear My Sounds***

*Vampyrian616 Facebook Page

  Feel free l to message me here below:


Vampyrian TempleUVUP Wordpress:

The Vampyrian Writings:

            My Twitter   ~   My Pintrest


The VTUVUPs Vamp, Pagan, & Goth Alliance

V-TUVUPs VPG alliance website

The vtuvup.vpgalliance on facebook

The V-TempleUVUP Official Group and Page:


Our ORIGINAL group was on yahoo and has been destroyed:

TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Book by Rev.JP

Vanir and services: Rev. JP Vanirs research, writing, weddings, and services as well as the Vampyrian Shadow Books and such by Rev.JP Vanir

Dark Aspies ect. (Dark individuals with Asperger's syndrome and/or Autism):

1. vamp pagan goth alliance/group/dark-aspies

2. V-TempleUVUPs Dark Aspies Group 


Alternative Counseling for Alternative People: 



Dark Alternatives Against Discrimination

Vamps, Pagans, & Goths against animal abuse:



Ohio Disabled Group:

Vegan Vamp group


More Links:

(Not my links) (RIP) one of the Longest

running well known vampire sites (Sanguinarius is now no longer with us RIP) 


Atlanta Vampire Alliance (largest vampire site):


Vampire Community News:


VCN on Facebook:


Voices of the Vampire Community:

SWANS Sanctuary:

History of the real Vampyre (courtesy of the House Valur Vampyre Coven):
Real Vampires on the religious tolerance site:
Order of the Vampyre:
The largest Vampire Database (fake as well as real):
 Psychic Vampyre Codex:
SphynxCat's Real Vampire Support Website:

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